Hair to Dye For
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Get the look you've always dreamed of

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Address: Hair To Dye For, 715 Merchant St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Fulfill all your beauty needs at one salon - we'll take care of you

Whether you need to sharpen up for a date or you just want to pamper yourself, Hair To Dye For is the perfect place to go - we are locally owned and operated by Elizabeth Butler and have been around since 1985!

Get your hair done at one of the most reputable beauty salons in all of the Sacramento area

Hair To Dye For has built a great reputation for ourselves by providing unparalleled salon services in the Sacramento area. When it comes to hair, you will receive full service when you visit our salon. Your choices of stylists are highly trained and professional.


Not only can you get salon services performed at our location, but you can also find a great selection of hair products to bring home and use yourself. You'll find fantastic help from our staff when it comes to picking the right products for your hair.

With the help of the professionals at Hair To Dye For, you can attain the perfect look for you.